June 2, 2008(TUCSON, Ariz.) – – In an effort to provide agents, buyers, and sellers with the most current and neighborhood-specific information available, The Long Realty Companies today unveiled the Long Research Center.

The Research Center tracks information that includes pricing trends, closed sale statistics, and days of inventory as broadly as years and as currently as weeks. The information is packaged in easy-to-navigate graphs that allow agents to best counsel their buyers and sellers. Moreover, this information can be produced by zip code, neighborhood, and subdivision.

Long Marketing Director Kevin Kaplan says this tool will also help to get buyers and sellers to think less broadly about the current real estate landscape and more specifically about areas of Tucson.

"All real estate is local," Kaplan says. "Buyers and sellers will read reports about the market and shy away, but what the Research Center does is focus on price range, number of bedrooms, and so on. This is very specific information, and it is by neighborhood. People do not say ‘I want to live in Tucson’ because that’s too broad. People say ‘I want to live in Sam Hughes’ or ‘I want to live in Rita Ranch,’ and the trends in those markets may be significantly different than what generalized reports about the market as a whole may suggest."

The Long Research Center, Kaplan says, will also give Long agents a leg-up in the field because they will be armed with the most current, most area-specific information available.

"It is our responsibility to guide our buyers and sellers and to help our agents meet the needs of their customers. It’s our duty, and the Research Center will be a very important tool in meeting that need."

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