Long Realty Foothills Agents Clean-up The Road With The Adopt-A-Highway Program



The Long Realty staff and real estate agents at the company’s Foothills office have made it a priority to keep their neighborhoods clean and beautiful. For more than two years, Long Realty has adopted the two-mile stretch of county-roadway, Hacienda Del Sol Road located between River & Sunrise. Since then, 10-15 Long Realty agents & staff come together every six months to clean-up the roadway and eliminate any debris that has built up.


"Keeping our beautiful Foothills streets clean is a great service to this community," says Long Realty Sales Manager, Dick Wroldsen.


More recently, on Wednesday June 3rd, this Long Realty office participated in the semi-annual Adopt-a-Roadway Clean-Up Day. Standing behind 21 bags of trash are the supporting real estate professionals from the Long Realty Foothills branch.


Pictured from left to right are: Kay Wroldsen; Rick Sack; Kate Edwards; Deborah McCray; Ed Rudner; Susan Dettlaff; Barbara Rudner; Rose Ronstadt; Verna Van Loan; Tea Honkanen; Pamela Platel; and Mike Scaramella.


The Pima County Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Roadway Program (AAR) was established in 1992. Volunteer groups participating in the program save the taxpayers of Pima County approximately $250 per mile cleaned, which translates into thousands of dollars saved annually. For more information about the program visit: www.dot.pima.gov/communityrelations/adoptaroad/

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