Long Realty Responds to Hurricane Jimena Victims

Long Realty responded to the devastation that took place in Mexico over Labor Day weekend due to Hurricane Jimena.

Long Realty branch locations across Arizona and Mexico banned together to quickly gather donations of non-perishable food, household goods, clothes and money for the victims of Hurricane Jimena in Guaymas, Empalme and San Carlos, Mexico.
Five large loads of donated goods, including food, linens and clothing were delivered to The World Care Organization for distribute to relief stations in the affected area within Sonora, Mexico by the Rotary Club in San Carlos. The total collection amounted to 46,000 pounds of goods with a value of more than $400, 000! Additionally, Karen Stewart and her team at the Long Realty San Carlos branch have worked night and day since the storm took place, aiding people to find shelter, water and food in the most devastated areas.
“I am so proud of Long Realty’s team of real estate professionals that were able to act quickly and help our Sonoran friends recover from this disaster that impacted the lives of so many people,” said Long Companies’ CEO, Rosey Koberlein.
For more information about the project, please contact Jim Larkin, Vice President of Franchise Operations, at 520-918-3807.
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