Long Mortgage Introduces MyTransactionNow

With the ever-changing government laws currently in place that pertain to mortgage lending, Long Mortgage Company has introduced MyTransactionNow.com to its team of associates, available exclusively through Long Mortgage. This secure, interactive website provides Long Realty loan officers, real estate agents and their clients with a smoother loan transaction through increased awareness of the loan process by giving them the ability to access their loan transactions 24 hours a day. 

“In today’s environment with increased government regulations it is very important to keep everyone updated on the progress of the loan. MyTransactionNow is the solution. This system keeps all parties informed on the major steps of the transaction,” said Lee Flenard, President of Long Mortgage Company.
MyTransactionNow.com is a cutting-edge loan tracking system that helps to streamline the loan process by centralizing information about the status of loans and giving all parties involved 24 hour access to vital information. Clients and agents are notified instantly about the progress of their loan as it happens, greatly reducing the need to call or email to check loan or appraisal status. Contact information for the Sales Associate, Listing Agent, Borrower and Escrow Agent is included with each loan transaction record, along with closing date and contract sales price.  Long Realty associates can also access up-to-the-minute lending regulations and important documents in one convenient location.
By providing MyTransactionNow.com as a central point of contact for all parties, Long Mortgage is taking the stress and surprises out of the loan process. For more information about MyTransactionNow, please contact Matt Rivera, Operations Specialist for Long Mortgage 520-918-1679.
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