Long Realty Launches New Social Media Platform to Help Agents Connect

Long Realty has launched a revolutionary new agent-to-agent social media networking platform called Long Connects that enables their agents to connect to other Long Realty professionals in a safe, online environment. This is yet another way Long Realty is taking the industry lead to help their real estate professionals work smarter and more efficiently to provide the highest level of service.

Long Realty is one of the first real estate companies in the country to implement this type of internal social media platform. It is an entirely new way for their agents to interact, network, and get business done. By implementing this new online agent community, Long Realty is setting the technological standard to help further extend the reach of their agents.

Agents can network with each other and share information more efficiently to help match buyers and sellers. Long Realty agents can also use this new platform to learn from each other and from the company by keeping one another up to date with the latest industry developments, newest marketing and technology trends, and best business practices.

“Long Realty is constantly investing in our over 1,200 sales associates by providing them the tools and systems to grow their business and save time,” says Rosey Koberlein, CEO of the Long Companies. “Long Connects uses the latest Web 2.0 technology to empower our team of real estate professionals to provide the best service possible while increasing their knowledge and level of productivity.”

“Long Connects uses a powerful social media technology suite in a secure intranet environment to connect our sales associates, Core Services teams and employees,” states Kevin Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing and Technology for Long Companies. “Online forums, media galleries, micro blogging and community groups are just a few of the features that connect our professionals with each other in an online community focused on real estate business dialogue. While much of the real estate industry is still trying to understand social media, Long has made the progressive leap to integrate social media into our everyday business practice.”

Long Connects will enable Long Realty agents to develop their professional relationships, hone their real estate skills and grow their businesses into a highly efficient and effective business model that could help change the future of real estate.

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