Long Realty Welcomes New Experienced Agents to the Company



Name: Susan Sisler, CRS, e-PRO, GRI

Office:  River/Campbell:   

Email:  SSisler@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.SSisler.LongRealty.com



Name:  Gwen Hucko

Office:   Foothills

Email:  GwenHucko@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.GwenHucko.LongRealty.com



Name:  Lynn Anglin

Office:   Foothills

Email:   LynnAnglin@LongRealty.com

Web:     www.LynnAnglin.LongRealty.com 

Name:  Dina Storie

Office:   Foothills

Email:   DinaStorie@LongRealty.com

Web:     www.DinaStorie.LongRealty.com 


Name:  Carleen Lundquist

Office:   Foothills

Email:   CLundquist@LongRealty.com

Web:     www.CLundquist.LongRealty.com 

Name:  Mike Murphy, ABR

Office:   Foothills

Email:   MichaelMurphy@LongRealty.com

Web:     www.MichaelMurphy.LongRealty.com 


Name:  Michel Jo Scott, Associate Broker

Office:  Foothlils

Email:  MichelScott@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.MichelScott.LongRealty.com 



Name: Helen Ortega

Office:  Foothills

Email:  HelenOrtega@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.HelenOrtega.LongRealty.com 


Name: Yvonne Ahern

Office:  Foothills

Email:  YvonneAhern@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.YvonneAhern.LongRealty.com 



Name:  Lisa Gaare

Office:  Foothills

Email:  LisaGaare@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.LisaGaare.LongRealty.com


Name:  Lisa Heros

Office:  Foothills

Email:  LisaHeros@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.LisaHeros.LongRealty.com



Agents Too New For Photos


Name: Jane English

Office:  Foothills

Email:  JaneEnglish@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.JaneEnglish.LongRealty.com


Name: Frank Bonilla

Office:  Foothills

Email:  FrankBonilla@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.FrankBonilla.LongRealty.com


Name: Cheryl Hepner

Office:  Foothills

Email:  CherylHepner@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.CherylHepner.LongRealty.com


Name: Ivy Pingry

Office:  Foothills

Email:  IvyPingry@LongRealty.com


Name: Bill Ambrosio

Office:  Foothills

Email:  BillAmbrosio@LongRealty.com


Name: Mark “Mills” Mildenberger

Office:  Foothills

Email:  MarkMills@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.MarkMills.LongRealty.com


Name: Patty Evans

Office:  Foothills

Email:  PattyEvans@LongRealty.com


Name: Stephanie Friend

Office:  Foothills

Email:  StephanieFriend@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.StephanieFriend.LongRealty.com


Name: Coriene ‘Cory” White

Office:  Foothills

Email:  CorieWhite@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.CorieWhite.LongRealty.com


Name: Tony Cardinal

Office:  Foothills

Email:  TonyCardinal@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.TonyCardinal.LongRealty.com


Name: Ricardo Carrasco

Office:  Foothills

Email:  RicardoCarrasco@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.RicardoCarrasco.LongRealty.com


Name: Alan Graham

Office:  Foothills

Email:  AlGraham@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.AlGraham.LongRealty.com


Name: Cathleen Milligan

Office:  Foothills

Email:  CathleenMilligan@LongRealty.com 

Web:    www.CathleenMilligan.LongRealty.com


Name: Cyndi Kost

Office:  Foothills

Email:   CyndiKost@LongRealty.com

Web:     www.CindKost.LongRealty.com


Name: Darren Graybill

Office:  Foothills

Email:  DarrenGraybill@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.DarrenGraybill.LongRealty.com


Name: Carolyne Reed

Office:  Foothills

Email:  CarolyneReed@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.CarolyneReed.LongRealty.com 


Name: Jennifer Paz

Office:  Foothills

Email:  JenniferPaz@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.JenniferPaz.LongRealty.com


Name: Dolores Johnston

Office:  Foothills

Email:  DoloresJohnston@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.DoloresJohnston.LongRealty.com


Name: Patrick Thurlow

Office:  Foothills

Email:  PatrickThurlow@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.PatrickThurlow.LongRealty.com


Name: Bobbee Ashfaq

Office:  Foothills

Email:  BobbeeAshfaq@LongRealty.com

Web:    www.BobbeeAshfaq.LongRealty.com


Name: Brad Koland

Office:  Foothills

Email:  BradKoland@LongRealty.com


Name: Diane Koland

Office:  Foothills

Email:  DianeKoland@LongRealty.com








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