Long Realty Welcomes New Experienced Agents to the Company


Name:   Scott Bowers

Office:   Oro Valley

Email:    ScottB@longrealty.com

Web:     www.ScottB.longrealty.com


Name:   Patrick Flynn

Office:   River/Campbell

Email:    patf@longrealty.com

Web:     www.patf.longrealty.com


Name:   Diane Seelow

Office:   Houghton/Southeast

Email:    DSeelow@longrealty.com

Web:     www.Dseelow.longrealty.com


Name:  Betty J. White

Office:  Catalina

Email:   BWhite@longrealty.com

Franchise Offices

Name:   Gloria Cataldo

Office:   West Valley Surprise

Email:    Gloria@cataldorealestate.com

Web:     www.Cataldorealestate.com


Name:   Diane Callis

Office:   West Valley Sun City West

Email:    DCallis@longrealty.com

Web:     www.DCallis.longrealty.com


Name:   Dorene Daiss

Office:   Sonoita East

Email:    ddaiss@longrealty.com

Web:     www.ddaiss.longrealty.com


Name:   Linda Donatelli

Office:   Sonoita East

Email:    ldonatelli@longrealty.com

Web:     www.ldonatelli.longrealty.com


Name:   Carol Ford

Office:   Sonoita East

Email:    CFord@longrealty.com

Web:     www.CFord.longrealty.com



Name:   Nancy Golden

Office:   West Valley Surprise

Email:    NancyGolden@longrealty.com

Web:     www.NancyGolden.longrealty.com



Name:   Alberta Medina

Office:   Sonoita East

Email:    AlbertaM@longrealty.com

Web:     www.AlbertaM.longrealty.com


 Name:   Cheryl Volk

Office:   Sonoita East

Email:    cherylv@longrealty.com

Web:     www.cherylv.longrealty.com


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