Employee of the Quarter – Frank Bumgarner

As a Telecommunications Analyst, Frank handles many tasks for both agents and employees.  He works with Qwest, Comcast and Cox to ensure data and voice communications work effectively and efficiently, keeping business interruption to a minimal for all LRC locations. With technology changes, comes the need to assist agents and staff with setting up new phones, such as smartphones, while assisting with PC problems and resolving hardware and OS based challenges. He makes daily changes to the phone system like adding new agents and removing agents who leave LRC, provides employee/agent moves (i.e. moving offices and or just moving cubicles/offices within their office). He manages EFax for agents and staff. He also receives request to setup and tear down computers for LRU classes.  He constantly assists with all other IT related troubleshooting to resolve issues as they arise.

Frank provides a high level of customer service to all at Long.  I can always count on him, knowing he will get the job done.

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