Long Realty Welcomes New Experienced Agents to the Company


Name:  Curtis Anderson

Office:  Paloma Village

Website:  Curtis@SellingTucsonAZ.com


Name:  Wanda Fudge

Office:  Catalina

Email:  WandaFudge@LongRealty.com

Website:   WandaFudge.LongRealty.com


Name:  Sue Sellars

Office:  Houghton/Southeast

Email:  SSellars@LongRealty.com


New Experienced Affiliate Agents


Name:  Babs Dupree

Office:  Long Realty Camelback

Email:  bdupree@LongRealty.com

Website:  BDupree.LongRealty.com


Name:  James Sanson

Office:  Arizona Properties

Email:  jsanson@LongRealty.com

Website:  JSanson.LongRealty.com


Name:  Angela Tucci

Office:  Arizona Properties

Email:  atucci@LongRealty.com

Website:  ATucci.LongRealty.com 


Name:  Cliff Williams

Office:  Arizona Properties

Email:  cliffw@LongRealty.com

Website:  CliffW.LongRealty.com 

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