Long Realty – Gila Valley Celebrates 4 Years In Safford

A special congratulations to franchise owner Diane Williams on the 4th anniversary of the opening of her Long Realty Gila Valley office in Safford/Thatcher.

Diane was working as a Long Realty agent in our Green Valley office when she decided to open her own Long Realty office in 2007. She analyzed a number of Arizona markets for the perfect opportunity and smartly selected Safford/Thatcher as a market where a Long Realty office would prosper. Through the subsequent years Diane has become one of the most respected real estate professionals in Gila Valley. Diane is a former president of the local board of Realtors and the broker/leader of one of Long Realty’s most successful franchise offices, which has grown to include 10 full time agents.

Congratulations to Diane and her team of agents for 4 years of Long Realty success in Safford/Thatcher!

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