Long Realty Sponsors RE Barcamp in Tucson

Bringing a Cutting Edge Educational Event like RE Barcamp to the Tucson area is both exciting and challenging. With the help of Long Realty, we secured our site, Kino Veteran’s Memorial Stadium, for Friday, October 28th. Barcamp is a full day event with 3 hours of workshops in the morning, break for lunch, and then 3 hours of workshops in the afternoon. The event is completely FREE to attendees and thanks to our sponsors, such as Long Realty, our 2011 Platinum T-Shirt Sponsor, we will also be providing a FREE lunch and t-shirt to the first 400 who sign up, so it’s imperative people go to our web site www.REBarcampTucson.com and register now to reserve their spot. Attendance is geared toward Real Estate agents and affiliates, but we welcome anyone who is part of the tech and social media world. That's the exciting part…

The challenge is conveying exactly what a Barcamp is. A Barcamp is comprised of workshops (each 50 minutes long, 6-7 held per hour, up to 42 in all!) the topics will be determined from the suggestions of our attendees. On the morning of the 28th we will put all requests together and develop the ‘Master Board of Workshops’ and roll it out after our orientation. Your job is to decide which workshop you’d like to attend. Workshops are all about participation, not a teacher-classroom format. Each workshop will have every level of learning represented from experienced to beginners, and everywhere in between. Come prepared to share what YOU know!

Past attendees (including the entire Long Marketing and IT Team) and others have likened this event to our Long Academy. “Trying to take a sip from a firehose!” Bring a big pad of paper and pen for copious notes… your iPad, Smartphone for tweeting, facebooking and IM’ing the event to the outside world. It would be wise to enlist your friends to cover the workshops you cannot attend. We are still actively seeking sponsors, volunteers, workshop leaders and facilitators. Please register to attend or sign up for any of those categories at our website:


Steve Redmond – RE Barcamp Tucson Organizer
Long Realty Foothills

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