“Why I Love Arizona” Photo Contest from Long Realty Can Win You $1,926

Is it the desert fauna, abundant wildlife, a scene of your city or our beautiful sunsets? A photo of what you love about Arizona can get you $1,926 as Long Realty Company celebrates 85 years of success helping Arizonans.

“When we were creating 'Why I Love Arizona', we wanted to celebrate both our state and the 85th Anniversary of Long Realty Company. What a more positive way to do it than with photos! We look forward to giving $1,926—an amount representing the year Long Realty Company was founded—to the person who can best depict his/her love for Arizona,” said Rosey Koberlein, CEO of Long Companies.

For 85 years Long Realty Company has shown that Arizona is a great state to live in. Long Companies wants to encourage members of the public to take pride in their communities and surrounding environments. Photographers in this contest should aim to capture a unique photo that encompasses Arizona’s magnificence.

Koberlein continued, “Every person has a different experience in Arizona. We want to learn more about the areas people enjoy most. At Long Realty we love Arizona, and we see this campaign as an opportunity to celebrate our state and motivate citizens to do their part in making it an enjoyable place to live.”

Photographers should submit photos to www.whyilovearizona.com until the submission deadline on October 31, 2011. After all photos are submitted, a Long Realty panel will judge the submitted photos and pick the top 20, which will be featured on the website for online voting. Then from November 14 to December 2, online viewers will have a chance to vote for their favorite photo—the photo with the most votes will win that person $1,926.

For more contest information, visit www.whyilovearizona.com or contact your Long Realty sales associate. 

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