Long Realty Announces AskLongRealty.com

(TUCSON, ARIZ.) Long Realty announced today a new website, www.AskLongRealty.com, which lets members of the public easily find answers to any real estate question.

On AskLongRealty.com visitors can submit a real estate question and receive a response from a Long Realty professional. AskLongRealty.com also displays previously asked questions and their corresponding answers for the public to review. Any type of real estate question can be asked including questions on buying, selling or financing a home, inquiries about the housing market or even questions about a career in real estate.

Some of the question on the website already include: “Foreclosure or short sale?”, “Is the market the same at different price points?” and “I have been thinking about getting my real estate license. How do I do that?”

“Since Long Realty was started more than 85 years ago, our number one priority has been serving our community,” says Rosey Koberlein, CEO of Long Companies. “AskLongRealty.com helps us do that. The public can tap into the collective experience and knowledge of Long Companies with just a few clicks. We believe it is important that people have the information to make educated real estate decisions, and we feel our role as adviser is an important one.”

For more information about AskLongRealty.com visit www.asklongrealty.com or www.longrealty.com.

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