How much notice do I get when the property I rent is being shown?

Q: I am a seasonal renter of a home that has recently been placed on the market. This was done after I signed a lease and paid in full. I was told ( by a REALTOR) that I am legally entitled to a 48 hr notice prior to showing the home yet the listing agent (and absentee owner) feel they have the right to show the house with less than 24 hr notice. Was I misinformed?  What does your company recommend in this situation?

A:  You will have to carefully read your lease to see if it includes provisions to the contrary but according to the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act you must be given 48 hours notice for the landlord or his designee to enter the property. Keep in mind that the Landlord Tenant Act governs residential dwellings like homes, townhomes, apartments etc… but does not include mobile homes. You can certainly call the Designated Broker for the property manager if it is not the owner and inquire about the specifics in your situation.

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