What is the lowest credit score to qualify for a home loan?

Q: Looking to buy a home as I would be a fist time home buyer I was wondering whats the lowest score credit to qualify? I know my credit isn’t the greatest but i think I am around 645. Would I be able to qualify for a home loan?

A: Good question, and congratulations on considering your first home purchase. There are many different items for a mortgage company to consider when approving someone for a home loan, credit score being just one of them.  There is no "set in stone" credit score for qualification. Your next best step is go through a pre-approval process with a mortgage consultant so they can tell you if there are any items you will need to resolve prior to getting a loan approval. It is a no cost, no obligation process that can take less than 24 hours, and can be done online at www.longmortgage.com. Then your particular situation can be considered as a whole.  

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