If I choose to list, what can I expect from an agent?

Q: If I choose to list, what can I expect from an agent?

A: There are many things one might expect of a real estate agent regarding the listing of your property. Here are my top SEVEN expectations:

1. Demonstrated experience and expertise – what has the agent done in the recent past?

2. Marketing Plan – what will the agent present to you in writing or in illustrations to demonstrate how your home will be marketed and where.

3. How would you like to receive your communications and how often – will the agent commit to meet your preferences?

4. How thoroughly has the agent researched and documented the anticipated listing price range for your home?

5. Will the agent present you with an estimated cost sheet that contains the likely expenses required in the sale of your home and your likely “Net” proceeds at the close of escrow?

6. Professional demeanor — Does the agent demonstrate a professional approach to taking your listing and in preparation for meeting with members of the public?

7. Negotiation skills — In dealing with you, were you impressed with the agent’s ability to adjust to your wishes, offer you valid options and guide you in your decision making process?

If you evaluate an agent on the basis of these seven points (and  you may certainly have others) and you are satisfied with your examination, the likelihood of achieving success in the sale of your home at the best price and in the shortest period of time will be greatly enhanced. Also, you will likely achieve a very satisfactory real estate experience and build a long lasting relationship with your agent.

There are some unique advantages to listing with a Long Realty agent. To find out more watch this short video http://youtu.be/Taj-ZDryWIo


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