Long Companies adds escrow to its suite of services

Never one to rest on its laurels, Long Companies has added escrow services to its “everything real estate” business model, creating a new entity, Agave Title Agency, to offer both escrow and title insurance services. Agave Title Agency opened for business on Sept. 7.

Staffing the new agency will be a cadre of veteran escrow officers and support staff. They join the crew of professionals already in place at Long Title Agency, whose operations—and decades-old tradition of service excellence—will continue with the new entity. 

About that “Agave” name – founded in 1926, Long Realty is nearing its centennial year. The name refers to the Agave americana, that sturdy desert denizen better known as the century plant. Long Realty launches the new agency in partnership with its parent company, HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate. HomeServices of America has established title and escrow operations in other markets outside of Arizona.

Coordinating the new escrow organization is Erin Fitzgerald, Long Cos. director of core services. At the outset, Agave will be housed at the company’s main office to serve the Tucson and Southern Arizona markets. Plans are for Agave to grow incrementally into a statewide brand, serving the Phoenix metro area and other communities. The agency’s services are available to consumers and agents not affiliated with Long Realty.

With the new agency comes a fresh, local approach to corporate culture and operations. Dubbed “The Agave Title Way,” the escrow officers in each market will interact directly—and often—with sales agents on both sides of the transaction, and their clients, while a local back-office team provides administrative support.

The payoff: better communications and customer service, greater consistency in documentation, and a smoother experience for all parties. The model upgrades traditional escrow services, which rely on individual escrow officers and their individual processes, that can produce a sometimes-uneven experience.

“We are building an all-company local service experience, not an individual-office experience,” said Reneé Gonzales, Long Companies CEO and President of Agave Title Agency. “Our mission statement says it all. Our goal is to provide an exceptional real estate service experience that builds long-lasting relationships. Agave Title Agency is built from the ground up to deliver on that promise. We’ll be doing things the Agave Title way.”

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