Long Realty on the move in Scottsdale

Already the leading residential real-estate company in Southern Arizona and a major presence across the entire state of Arizona, Long Realty Co. expands its footprint into the North Scottsdale market with the launch of a new franchise office, Long Realty Platinum Premier.

The independently owned and operated office is located in the commercial/entertainment district of the deluxe DC Ranch, a 4,400-acre development adjacent to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve in North Scottsdale. The address is 20645 N. Pima Road, Suite 120, in Scottsdale.

Formed by the merger of two existing offices (including an earlier Long Realty franchise office), the new brokerage hits the ground running, with some 50 agents now on board and a goal of 70 or more in  2022. Signed on as designated broker is Jay Jasper formerly with a different Scottsdale area brokerage and principal for Jay Jasper Associates, and managing broker, Thomas Noble, the former owner of one of the merged brokerages.

“Our goal is to continue to grow this new office and service the real estate needs of North Scottsdale and other Phoenix area communities”, said owner Jay Jasper. “Our focus is on a high-service, high-touch personal experience for the consumer. That is what the market expects and that is what we deliver. We do that by having the right professionals, the right focus and the right programs,” he said. “As we continue to grow we will be able expand our footprint and deliver our high-service model to even more buyers and sellers in the Phoenix area.”

His business already has agents in the East Valley, West Valley and central Phoenix, Jasper said, as well as a commercial-property division. “Don’t give me all the credit for this,” he said. “We have a great management team on board. It’s very much a group effort, and that includes the Long Realty management team, and the affiliations with HomeServices of America, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and Luxury Portfolio International.”

“Congratulations to Jay and his awesome team,” said Ann Sullivan, Long Realty’s vice president of franchise sales and support. “We’re excited to join the North Scottsdale market. This new office is a big step. It’s also part of our plan to continue to grow as a statewide brand.”

What’s next? “We’re always looking for additional brokerage expansion opportunities,” Sullivan said.

For more information on Long Realty Platinum Premier contact Jay Jasper at Jay@JayJasper.us or 602-301-4862, for information on Long Realty franchise opportunities contact Ann Sullivan at annsullivan@longrealty.com or (520) 906-9900.

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