Long Realty expands into Sun Corridor’s hot-growth market

Long Realty Florence office – 750 E. Gila Rd.

Long Realty Co., Southern Arizona’s leading residential real-estate brokerage, is expanding into the booming Sun Corridor market—the developing region between greater Phoenix and greater Tucson—with the acquisition of Florence, Ariz.-based Briggs Realty LLC.

The new office is located at 750 E. Gila Blvd. and will operate as Long Realty Florence.

“Our long-term strategy is to provide the best real estate experience in every market in Arizona,” said Reneé Gonzales, CEO of Long Companies. “This new office expands our footprint into a growing area.”

Reneé Gonzales
CEO, Long Companies

Corporate culture was an important consideration in the decision to acquire Briggs, Gonzales said. “This brings together two like-minded companies. Briggs is very connected to the community which makes it a good fit for Long Realty, since supporting and giving back to the community has always been a bedrock principle for us.”

Both companies are built on a “high-service model,” she added. For Long Realty, that model includes the company’s “all things real estate” concept, offering a full suite of realty services—mortgages (Prosperity Home Mortgage), title services (Agave Title Agency), and insurance (Long Insurance Group)—under one roof.

Looking ahead, “We’ll continue to grow in Florence and the surrounding area by helping our agents be successful,” Gonzales said. “And we’ll be looking for other service-minded agents to join us.”

Briggs’ agents gain access to Long Realty’s robust array of technology, resources, and support—such as education, marketing and referrals—plus Long’s name recognition. “The Long Realty name opens a lot of doors,” Gonzales said.

The full cadre of Briggs agents will continue with the brokerage. Sara Briggs, the previous designated broker, and owner, will serve as brand ambassador, smoothing the transition and maintaining the company’s ties to the community.

“I see this as a total win-win,” Briggs said. “Working with Long Realty is an opportunity for my agents to work with a world-class brokerage. The community will benefit from Long Realty’s incredible culture of support and caring and Long enters a market with vast potential, with Briggs’ area expertise and legacy of superior service already in place.”

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