Top-producing agent Jim Storey joins Long Realty

Already fielding a galaxy of high-performing sales professionals, Long Realty’s Foothills office adds a new star with the arrival of Jim Storey, a 13-year realty veteran who brings an extraordinary track record of big-ticket sales. Storey’s first day at the office was April 18.

Jim Storey

Storey made news in March when he closed an all-cash, no-contingency sale on a Sabino Canyon-area estate for $1 million above the $2 million asking price. Storey represented the seller in the transaction. But that’s not even his top sale—in 2021 he represented the buyer in the record-setting $4.08 million sale of a 20-acre property nestled in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains.

And that’s only part of the picture. Storey’s sold listings span greater Tucson, from Red Rock to Rio Rico, and include both single- and multi-family homes, modest to ultra-luxury, vintage and recent construction. He’s sold several historic midtown barrio dwellings as well.

For 2021, Storey’s sales total was north of $45 million; he’s on pace to beat that number this year. His total sales over the past three years exceeds $115 million.

A native Tucsonan and self-described “serial entrepreneur,” Storey’s résumé is seemingly tailored for real-estate success. Jim Storey Productions LLC manages and operates several Internet ventures, ranging from news and media to design and development. He’s also a personal investor with a number of properties to his name.

With just a transaction coordinator to handle the paperwork, Storey works solo—no sales team, showing agents or other staffers. He’s 100 percent involved in every listing.  

Well-known among local philanthropists, Storey in 2015 founded the Empower Coalition, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The group’s 38 members have raised some $2 million by hosting their two events, the Tucson Beefsteak and the Great Tricycle Race to support Arizona veterans and military families.

“Jim is truly a superstar,” said Laura Mance, president of Long Realty Co. “He’s a terrific negotiator. His business skills are topnotch, he connects with buyers and sellers at every price point, and he has the imagination and energy to close the sale. But don’t take my word for it—his record speaks for itself.”

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