Leadership changes at Long Realty Co.

Laura Kelly Mance

Big changes are afoot at Long Realty Co., Southern Arizona’s leading residential real-estate brokerage and Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, as a number of top leadership positions are redefined or reassigned following the upcoming retirement of brokerage president Laura Mance.

KC Woods

Taking over as president of Long Realty Company is KC Woods, formerly the regional sales leader and branch manager at the company’s Dove Mountain and Oro Valley offices.

As president, Mance’s focus has been to develop strategic initiatives to push forward Long Realty’s tradition of excellence—a mission Woods intends to continue.

First licensed in 1987, Woods began as a salesperson with another brokerage before joining Long Realty in 2000. From 2004 onward he’s served in a variety of management roles at the two offices, including sales manager, branch manager and regional manager.

As regional sales leader, he’s worked to support other branch managers as a coach and mentor. In 2007, Woods was the founding manager at Dove Mountain—now a powerhouse office in an ultra-luxe market niche.

Rachel Bradley

Woods served on the Tucson Association of REALTORS® board of directors from 2002 to 2005 and on the association’s risk-reduction committee, as both member and chair. He’s a Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) member, as well as a Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB).

Rachel Bradley, sales manager and an associate broker at Oro Valley, moves up to branch manager for the office. Bradley began her real estate career in 2012 at Long Realty, with a background in sales, marketing and branch management, upgrading to a broker’s license in 2020.

Kevin Kaplan

Kevin Kaplan, most recently vice president of marketing and business development, also gets a new hat: chief operating officer. As COO, Kaplan will focus on business growth for both agents and the company, through marketing, lead generation, technology, relocation, and corporate business-development opportunities. His goal: “To provide best-in-class services for agent success and advance Long Companies.”

Ann Sullivan

Ann Sullivan, vice president of franchise sales and support, rises to senior vice president of franchise and business growth, an expanded role focusing on the company’s growth and opportunities with both franchises and acquisitions. An industry veteran, Ann started in the real estate industry in 1998 and has been in her current position since 2016, growing the Long Realty brand across Arizona.

“These are not just talented and experienced professionals moving up in their careers,” said Reneé Gonzales, Long Companies CEO. “They are essential players in our long-range plan to grow the company brand, both as a path to success for our agents and as a corporation. We always welcome new opportunities to further expand our services and into new communities where we can make a positive impact.” 

Company president since Sept. 2018, Mance joined the Long organization after a lengthy leadership career with other brokerages. Her résumé includes branch manager of the company’s Foothills office (for nine years) and a strong record of service to the industry and the community. Gonzales continues as CEO of Long Companies (comprising Prosperity Home Mortgage, Agave Title Agency, Long Insurance Group—and, of course, Long Realty Company).

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