Long Realty Adds Roof AI to Personalize its Website Consumer Experience.

Sunny LongRealty.com’s chat bot

A leading real estate company in Arizona aims to augment its website personalization efforts with Roof AI.

Long Realty announces the launch of Sunny, its Roof AI powered bot, to provide its customers with an individualized experience on LongRealty.com, all along their home-buying and selling journey.

“We wanted to capitalize on our digital presence by offering our clients a personalized and tailored experience right from the moment that they interact with our brand” said Kevin Kaplan, Long Realty vice president marketing and business development. “Today, our website visitors have Sunny, their own personal concierge, to guide them through their home buying and selling process, answer their questions and connect with a Long Realty team member.”

Sunny will be matching Long Realty’s website visitors with personalized recommendations and providing real-time support based on the user’s intent and profiles. This will enhance the customer experience on many fronts. It will accelerate the time-to-value for customers and help Long Realty agents close high-quality clients faster.

Sunny comes with company benefits as well. With Sunny, Long Realty aims to increase lead opportunities and generate more revenue opportunities by promoting their core services to their clients in a seamless and efficient way.

“It’s inspiring to see real estate companies like Long Realty continue their investment in digital. They understand the need to leverage data and tech to deliver personal and intelligent customer experiences to a new generation of customers that expect it” said Pierre Sabbagh, CEO at Roof AI. “We provide the intelligence layer that works in tandem with Long Realty’s tools, to deliver the best-in-class personal experiences that real estate customers have come to expect. Once you begin to provide personalized experiences at scale, your customers are more likely to convert, at higher values, and keep coming back.”

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